Kickball Parties

Try something different for your next party.......try a kickball party!

Kickball parties are a great way to celebrate a special occasion, team-build with some co-workers or just have some fun with friends.

NVP Sports Park's kickball parties are 2 hours in length and include not only kickball fun but dodgeball, batting cages and video games as well! Let us take care of all the setup and cleanup, just show up and play! NVP's kickball parties include field time for kickball and dodgeball activites as well as time for batting cage fun and unlimited use of our many video games. Kickball parties can be booked anytime of the week including weekends. 

Our kickball parties include:

  • 2 hour party time
  • kickball field time
  • dodgeball field time
  • batting cage time
  • video game time
  • pizza slice (per person)
  • bottled water (per person)
  • FREE gift for the birthday person
  • personal field referee
  • setup and cleanup
  • plates, plasticware, napkins and cups
  • lots of fun!

Our kickball party pricing starts at $225 for up to 10 people. Extra people can be added for an additional $15 per person. Payment is required at time of booking. Parties can be reserved by calling us at (585) 473- PLAY or by clicking the reserve tab at the top of our website. 



Kickball is great fun for kids 6 years old as well as adults. No matter your age, all you have to do is line yourself up to the ball and kick away!


Kickball is a great form of excerise. Step up to the plate, kick and run the bases! Is it your turn in the outfield? Grab the ball and send it home before the other team scores!


Grab some friends and make your next party a kickball party! Great fun, lots of laughs and good for all ages, kickball parties will make you a superstar!


Kickball Party Package

  • 10 party guests
  • 2 hour party
  • kickball field time
  • dodgeball field time
  • batting cage time
  • video games
  • pizza slice (per person)
  • bottled water (per person)
  • gift for birthday person
  • personal field referee
  • plates, cups and plasticware
  • 2 hours of fun!
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